Como isso funciona?

  • Os usuários enviam suas idéias.
  • Nossa comunidade discute e vota nas ideias.
  • As melhores ideias borbulham até o topo.

Welcome to the OpMon Ideas

In this community, you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas, or add comments.

To submit an idea, please click the new idea button below. You will then be asked to add a title and choose a category for the new idea. You will also have the option to add tags to the idea. To vote on an idea, simply click the up or down thumb to the left of the idea title/description. And to add a comment, click in the box below the idea.

If you would like to see all ideas created with a specific tag, you can click on the word or phrase via the tagcloud in the left navigation area under "What we're discussing". You can also view ideas sorted by Categories from the left navigation area. To return to this page, click the All Ideas link.

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